EV Infrastructure Consulting

EV Infrastructure is a new area of knowledge for majority of our potential clients. A comprehensive knowledge on the technical aspects is required to attain the best solution for the EV infrastructure project. Our team has experienced a deviation between best product & service for the client’s need and the specifications they propose during procurement. Charge Star provides consulting services for domestic and commercial EV Infrastructure project with an aim to provide custom tailored solution for the client’s need, reduce needless expenses and provide information for informed decision making.

Electrical Consulting

Electrical Infrastructure plays a major role in roll-out of charging station. The EV charging infrastructure needs to match the electrical infrastructure in the client’s property. In majority of our projects, especially with pre-existing building our team has found Electrical Infrastructure as the bottleneck in the project.

Charge Star provide electrical consulting in relation to the EV charging station and overall energy consumption in the building. Highly experienced and fully licensed personnel provide consulting service to ensure complete information and competitive approach.