Connector charging solutions for electric bus and e-truck

ABB offers a complete portfolio for charging heavy electric vehicles such as buses and trucks with a CCS connector. Due their large Voltage range the DC wall box (24 kW) and Terra 54HV (50 kW) are perfectly suited to charge electric buses and trucks. For higher power the products with 100 kW and 150 kW including sequential charging, are especially designed to charge larger fleets of electric vehicles in its most optimized way. 

Main Features

Main Benefits

  • Fast Charging

    Fast charging with a wide range of power levels to meet the charging needs that best fit your operating schedule

  • High Uptime

    Enabling high uptime, thanks to robust design, remote diagnostics and management tools

  • Universal Charging

    Charge buses from different brands with the same charger, following the international standards and comprehensive interrop testing

  • Power Ranges

    Power range of 24, 50, 100 or 150 kW with voltage range from 150-920 V DC or 150-850 V DC

  • Sequential Charging

    Sequential charging with up to 3 outlets with 100 kW and 150 kW per vehicle

  • Small Footprint

    Small footprint with remote depot control box

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Charging

ABB offers a complete portfolio for charging electric Heavy Commercial Vehicles such as buses and trucks.

Electric Bus Charging Solutions

New opportunities for next generation silent, flexible and zero-emission urban mass transportation.

Electric Bus Charging Network Management

Making sustainable e-bus transport go further with ABB AbilityTM and control technologies portfolio.

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