Network mangement and driver management services

The number of charging station networks will increase rapidly over the next few years as the transition to electric vehicles accelerates. Charging station networks require remote management and are commonly connected to a remote network management system utilising the OCPP protocol. Charge Star is an electric vehicle charging station network operated as a managed serviced on behalf of public and private charging station providers throughout Australia. 

The Charge Star network is managed using the Charge Star platform. We have been managing charging station networks right across Australia since 2015. Charge Star has a proven track record of providing robust and reliable charging networks and ensuring that electric vehicle drivers have a smooth and trouble-free charging experience.


Charging Sessions


Network Locations


NEXT CHARGE App Installs


Charging Stations

Enterprise Level

Charge Star is a mature, robust, secure and scalable enterprise level charging station management system.


Multiple payment methods straight to the network operator’s merchandising account


Charging session activation via smart phone app, RFID Card or credit card

Remote Management

Remote management and monitoring of charging stations


Usage, revenue, status and error reporting with CSV export


Each network operator is provided with their own instance of Charge Star hosted in a datacentre of their choice.

Secure Data

Customer data is siloed and is not accessible across instances. High levels of security and encryptionbuilt in.

Web Portal

The network operator can give web portal access to its own customers who may have charging stations hosted on the network.

Change Permissions

Granular permission levels ranging from view to admin can be granted to customers depending on requirements.