Charge Star Networks

Supply, installation & maintenance of charging stations and charging station networks.

The number of charging station networks will increase rapidly over the next few years as the transition to electric vehicles accelerates. Charge Star is a mature, robust, secure and scalable enterprise level charging station management system that provides charging station network operators with class leading features such as revenue reporting, multiple payment methods, payment to the network operator’s merchandising account, charging session activation via smart phone app or RFID or credit card, usage reporting, status reporting, and remote management of charging stations.

Each network operator is provided with their own instance of Charge Star hosted in a data centre of their choice. There is one database per instance. Customer data is siloed and is not accessible across instances. The network operator or managed services provider can give web portal access to its own customers who may have charging stations hosted on the network. Granular permission levels ranging from view to admin can be granted to customers depending on requirements.

Charge Star is an electric vehicle charging station network operated as a managed serviced by E-Station on behalf of multiple local authorities and private clients in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland. The RAC Electric Highway™ is part of the Charge Star network.
Charge Star provides network management and driver management services for all charging stations on the Charge Star network. This means that the charging station providers have zero network management overhead. Any operational issues, network issues and driver/usage issues are handled by the Charge Star help desk which operates a 24 hour help line: 1300 661 895. The stations are monitored in real time and
any software updates or confguration changes are administered remotely. The charging station providers have little or no contact with drivers. Charging station providers refer all queries to Charge Star. The Providers have put signage in place with instructions
to call Charge Star on 1300 661 895 if they need information or experience any charging issues. Most providers do not have the resources to train and staff a help desk or run a charging station network. Only one local authority (City of Hobart) provides charging stations support.

Charge Star Billing is the billing and metering solution provided by E-Station. There are two payment options, payment by credit card via NAYAX payment terminals and payment by the NEXTCHARGE smart phone application which offers payment by credit card, Paypal and Apple/Android Pay.

The THOR dynamic load balancing system is designed to manage the power requirements of multiple charging stations when the total rated power requirement of the charging stations exceeds the power capacity of the parking area or the power capacity of the building. Dynamic load balancing may be required when there is a presumption that all the charging stations will rarely be used at the same time and therefore there is no requirement to invest in expensive electrical infrastructure that is rarely used. Alternatively, it may not be possible to build in the electrical capacity required to run all the charging stations at full capacity at the same time.

THOR Dynamic Load Balancer Solution is a Java application that runs on the installs directly on to the customers’ (PC). It is not a hardware solution. Each charging station is connected to the customers’ network and is allocated an IP address. THOR connects to each charging station and manages the load station. THOR uses a custom interface to dynamically load balance charging station because OCPP 1.6 lacks load balancing functionality.

Hubject provides interoperability between charging station networks by acting as a clearing house for charging network transactions. Hubject allows a member of the Charge Star network to initiate a charging session on another network if that network is connected to Hubject. For example, the NEXTCHARGE application can be used to initiate a charging session on the Charge Point Australia network if CPA have joined Hubject. Users who have registered with Hubject friendly foreign networks such as (New Zealand), Charge Point Services (UK), New Motion (Holland) and ChargeIT (Germany) can use the Charge Star network using their existing account.

Payments for charging sessions are transferred between networks. This is a conceptionally similar process to the ATM clearing system which allows a Commonwealth Bank customer withdraw cash from a National Australia Bank ATM or the international payments clearing system which allows a Commonwealth Bank customer withdraw cash from an ATM in Bali.

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ChargeStar offers energy management solution for its clients to increase savings from electricity bills and improving energy efficiency. The energy management solution improves the Return on Investment (ROI) of Charging Stations and assists in reducing the bottleneck effect in roll-out of charging station caused by the limitation of power.