Charge Star Billing is a charging station management and billing solution for electric vehicle charging stations located in car parks where payment is required upfront. Charge Star provides operators of public charging station networks a billing system offering class leading features such as revenue reporting, multiple payment methods, payment direct to the network operator’s merchandising account, charging session activation via smart phone app or RFID card, usage reporting, status reporting, and remote management of charging stations. Charge Star is designed for high volume pay as you go public charging stations networks used by anonymously members of the public.

Charging session activation is via the NEXTCHARGE smart phone app or NEXTCHARGE RFID card. Charging session activation via the NEXTCHARGE smart phone app or NEXTCHARGE RFID card is necessary because most charging station manufacturers have not yet integrated credit card readers with charging stations. Two way communication is required between a credit card reader and the charging station in the event that a problem occurs during the charging session or the driver simply stops the charging session from the car and drives off. The existing retrofit credit card solutions are unidirectional only and do not register termination of a charging session signaled by the station. The driver gets a free charge. Integration of credit card readers with charging stations requires modification of the charging system operating system and cooperation from the charging station vendor. This is not possible with a retrofitted credit card reader. Charge Star is compatible with all charging stations using OCPP 1.5 and above.

Chargestar Network

Connected to the Chargestar Network Management Platform

Next Charge App

Charging sessions activated by the NEXTCHARGE smart phone application

Driver Pays

Driver pays separately for each charging session.

Regular Payments

Charge Star collects the revenue and reimburses the charging station provider at agreed intervals.

Great Value

COST: $290 + GST per station inclusive of all connectors on the station.