Design & Consult

Design and consultancy services for charging infrastructure installations and fleet electrification

  • The electric vehicle market in Australia
  • Electric Vehicle Charging – Market Segments
  • Physical infrastructure requirements
  • Driver management services
  • The business case for electric vehicle charging

DC Charging

High voltage DC commercial charging stations for fast charging in 30 minutes or less

  • Service stations
  • Destination charging
  • Depot charging
  • Wall mounted or mobile
  • Remote network management
  • Load balancing
  • Billing and payment systems

AC Charging

Slow AC charging stations for daytime or overnight charging.

  • Single Phase or Three Phase
  • Single socket or dual socket
  • Socket only or tethered cable
  • Access control
  • Remote network management
  • Load balancing
  • Billing and payment systems
  • Commercial developments and residential apartment blocks”
  • Billing and payment systems

Network Management Systems

White labelled charging station network management systems

  • Web based network management and administration portal
  • Interactive web page and smart phone app for end users
  • QRCode and NFC payment via Smart Phones
  • Custom branding for the charging station provider
  • Payment system built into smart phone app
  • OCPP 1.6+ compatible
  • Full remote charging station management capability
  • Mix of per kWh and per minute tariffs

Load Management Systems

Load management systems for power constrained environments

  • Charging rates restricted to fixed limits or dynamic limits
  • Fix limit charging controlled by OCPP network management server
  • Dynamic limits controlled by local installation of CT clamps or
  • Web based network management and administration portal
  • Orchestrated charging via time of day and off-peak charging settings

Payment Systems

A variety of payment systems for charging stations

  • QRCode and NFC payment via smart phone application
  • Tap and go using after-market credit card readers for public pay as you go charging
  • Blockchain based payment system for postpaid billing in microgrids, commercial developments and residential apartment buildings

Embedded Metering Systems

Embedded metering systems for behind the meter micro retailing

  • Micro-retailing opportunities for commercial property owners and residential apartment owners
  • Sell power to occupiers and electric vehicle owners
  • Can be combined with solar PV
  • Payback period around three years
  • Optional block chain based payment system for peer to peer trading

Energy Brokerage

Cheap energy for charging electric vehicles

  • Strategic energy procurement
  • Active management of supply contracts and tariffs
  • Identification and implementation of energy efficiency projects and other cost reduction initiatives