Petrol retailers have begun to add electric vehicle charging stations to existing petrol station sites. Electric vehicle drivers prefer the service station experience as opposed to charging in isolated areas with no food, beverage or shopping facilities. Service station operators will migrate from petrol to mixed-use to pure electric operations over time. Hydrogen may also be part of the mix if hydrogen cars gain traction in the market.

The charging stations will integrate with existing forecourt tap and go credit card and debit card payment systems. Electric vehicle drivers hate using smartphone applications for charging session activation and payment.

Charging sessions will be activated by an outdoor payment terminal or a credit card reader on board the charging station or manually from the kiosk.

London – Shell Electric Vehicle Charging Station.

Outdoor payment terminals for charging stations with no on-board EFTPOS solution.

Compac Payment Terminal
Easy to use and built from stainless steel, Compac Payment Terminals are robust and designed to withstand the harshest conditions.

Detailed Specifications


1024 Graphical LCD Display, 40mm x 75mm

PinpadStorm pinpad
Card Reader

Windcave SCR200 Card Reader

Outdoor, unattended, Magtek Card Reader especially designed for fuel industry

Optional: Paywave


Thermal printer specifically designed for outdoor unattended use with presenter designed to prevent jamming. Paper roll dimension 80mm wide x 295mm long


Account Cards with offline functionality

All major Credit Cards

Debit Cards

Mobile Payment App

Power Supply

200 – 240V, 3.4 amps

UPS, battery backed, enables customers to get receipts in event of power failure

Provides power and surge protection

Supported Fuel Pumps

Compac, Gallagher, Gilbarco, Wayne


3G / 4G / 5G or Ethernet

Operating Temperature

-25°C to 55°C with internal thermostat environmental control for optimal low temperature operation

Tank Gauging Interface

Colibri, Fafnir, Veeder-Root with 4-20ma probe (max 2)


Stainless Steel

Mounting Options

Wall, tank or pedestal


PCI & NMI Approvals