Network Management Services

The Charge Star network management platform can manage every aspect of your EV charging management operations. Each network operator is provided with their own instance of Charge Star hosted in a datacentre of their choice. There is one database per instance. Customer data is siloed and is not accessible across instances. The network operator can give web portal access to its own customers who may have charging stations hosted on the network. Granular permission levels ranging from view to admin can be granted to customers depending on requirements. Our reports and analytics-driven insights enable decision-makers and technical leads to make the most efficient business and operational decisions.

  • Visual insight-driven operator dashboards
  • Comprehensive charger and driver management
  • Automated alert management system
  • Proactive problem resolution powered by self-healing algorithms
  • Industry-specific billing operations management
  • Efficient host management
  • Widest charger and protocol support
  • Guided problem resolution
  • Click-to-fix
  • White label
    • White-labelled online portal and driver app
    • Real-time charger location and availability
    • Charger point of interest
    • Reserve-ahead capability
    • Route planning & navigation
    • Detailed information on billing plans and transactions
    • Payment methods management Downloadable on App Store and Google Play
    • Support for QR codes
    • Offer the most advanced features through a custom-branded application that will increase your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty

Charge Star Network

Network operators and charging station providers can host their charging stations on the Charge Star network rather than their own network.

The ChargeStar network is a scalable charging station management system incorporating network and driver management services in one. We can host your charging station network on Charge Star and provide round the clock monitoring and customer support. Charge Star provides a mature and robust technological platform for electric vehicle charging stations across Australia. The ChargeStar Network offers charging station owners or charging station network operators class leading features such

  • Revenue reporting
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Payment to the network operator’s merchandising account
  • Charging session activation via smart phone app or RFID or credit card
  • Usage reporting
  • Status reporting
  • Remote management of charging stations.

ChargeStar is a comprehensive solution that focuses on the charging station owners/ operators and EV drivers for a smooth EV recharging experience.

Interoperability across different Networks

ChargeStar enables interoperability of your charging station with other networks. It increases the customer base that can access your charging station for increased usage and revenue generation. We provide interoperability through Hubject.

Hubject provides interoperability between charging station networks by acting as a clearing house for charging network transactions. It allows a member of the Charge Star network to initiate a charging session on another network if the other network is connected to Hubject.

Payments for charging sessions are transferred between networks. This is a conceptionally similar process to the ATM clearing system which allows a Commonwealth Bank customer withdraw cash from a National Australia Bank ATM or the international payments clearing system which allows a Commonwealth Bank customer withdraw cash from an ATM in Bali