EV charging stations

  • Supply
    • ChargeStar can supply a comprehensive range of products depending upon the clients request and requirement. We offer a multi brand product selection platform to reduce hassle for our clients. Name the brand, and we procure it for you!
  • Install
    • ChargeStar has a national cover for installation. Highly experience, fully licensed personnel are specially trained to install the charging stations to ensure a high-quality job.
  • Maintain and Operate
    • ChargeStar can maintain and operate the charging station on behalf of the charging station provider. What does this mean? Charging station provider can enjoy the revenue without any hassle. ChargeStar takes care of it all.
    • A team of Product Technical Specialist and Customer Service Representative are available 24/7 to ensure full support to the end users and charging station provider.
  • Commission
    • ChargeStar provides commissioning of charging stations-as-a service. Our team can ensure the charging stations are operating according the requirement of the charging station provider. Commissioning includes network set-up, testing of charging stations & network, induction and handover of a fully operation charging station or network of charging station.