Tridium Niagara & Distech / OCPP Integration

Tridium Niagara and Distech Controls are market leading providers of building management systems (‘BMS’). 
The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is an application protocol for communication between electric vehicle charging stations and a centralised control server (‘OCPP Server’).
Some of the services provided by an OCPP server are described in the column on the right.
OCPP compatible charging stations integrate with Tridium Niagara and Distech Controls building management systems via an OCPP plugin. This enables the BMS to remotely control the charging station and extract relevant data. In addition, the BMS can monitor the total energy use in the building and dynamically control the rate of charge of electric vehicles by dynamically adjusting the charging rate as the amount of power available for charging the vehicles changes.
The driver is designed to enable communication between an electric vehicle charging point and the Tridium Niagara system operating as a Central System. It provides an integrated solution for building management systems and electric vehicle infrastructure. The driver can be used to implement demand response and load balancing for any charging stations or group of charging stations that implement the OCPP Smart Charging profile.


The OCPP Server provides the following services for a charging station network:
    • Remote configuration of charging station parameters
    • Load management using OCPP 1.6+ charging profiles
    • User management and access control
    • Charging session data
    • Charging Sessions
      • Transaction ID
      • Connector ID
      • Charging Station ID
      • User Tag
      • Start transaction timestamp
      • Stop transaction timestamp
      • Time station occupied per charging session in seconds.
      • kWh per charging session
      • Meter reading in watt hours at start of charging session
      • Meter reading in watt hours at end of charging session
      • Average power drawn during charging session in watts
    • Total energy delivered by:
      • The network
      • Each station
      • Each connector
      • Each user
    • Total number of charging sessions by:
      • The network
      • Each station
      • Each connector
      • Each user
    • Error Reporting
      • Charging Station ID
      • Error code
      • Error message
      • Charging Station Status.
      • Timestamp
      • Vendor
      • Vendor error code
      • Connector number
      • Charging Station Provider

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