Billing & Metering Systems

Commercial Opportunities

  • Overnight charging presents a revenue opportunity for charging station providers. The average electric car will require 10 kWh per day.
    • A private AC charging station installed in an office or apartment car park can expect to generate gross revenue of $1825 per year (10 * $0.50 * 365 = $1825).  
  • Each state in Australia has introduced provisions in the relevant electricity retailers act that allow stratas and body corporates to resell power.
  • Car park providers can generate income by selling power to car park users, apartment owners and tenants.

Billing Platforms

The increasing popularity of electric vehicles has led to a demand for electric vehicle charging stations and payment solutions for billing drivers. Charge Star offers a variety of billing solutions for charging station providers which are designed to avoid the prospect of being locked in to an OCPP management server or payment system provided by a single company.

NB: The NMIA have confirmed that OIML R 46 will be adopted without major modification as NMI R 46. The new standard provides greater flexibility and support for a range of instruments and systems such as smart street light metering and electric vehicle charging
stations. NMI R 46 is equivalent to the European “MID” standard for on-board meters in revenue raising charging stations.

Public Charging Stations

Billing systems for public charging stations operate on a pay as you go basis because the driver is unknown and payment needs to be enforced at the point of sale. Public charging stations are sometimes installed in visitor car parking bays in private car parks.

The payment options for public charging stations are:

    • Tap and go terminals for credit/debit cards and NFC enabled smart phones.
      • On-board the charging station or via a physically separate terminal.
    • Smart Phone Apps or QR codes if payment terminals are not available.

Private Charging Stations

Private charging stations are generally provided for use by office tenants and apartment occupants who are known to the charging station provider. These drivers can be billed in arrears as the charging stations are located in designated private parking bays and there is an existing contract in place between the changing station provider such as the strata management company.

The most cost effective billing system for private charging stations is invoice generation by the charging station OCPP management system or invoice generation by an existing embedded metering system. The former assumes on-board OIML R 46/NMI R 46 (MID) certified meters in the charging stations and the latter assumes the placement of a meter on the charging station circuit. The meter is monitored by the embedded metering system. Invoices are issued to the occupants under the auspices of the strata management company or body corporate that manages the apartment complex or office building.


Charging station installation scenario. What factors have to be considered when choosing an electric vehicle charging station solution for large scale apartment developments?

Charge Star Billing Platform

Our scalable EV charging billing solution has been designed specifically for EV charging networks to address every aspect of your billing operations.

    • Multiple EV billing tariffs and plans support, including pre-paid, post-paid, etc.
    • Real-time rating
    • Dynamic and static cost factoring
    • Pay-outs and invoicing
    • Supports extensive business models, including OEM, Host, etc.
    • Allows complex reconciliation between partners in the ecosystem
    • Support for multiple currencies
    • Flexible tax management
    • Integration with multiple payment gateways
    • Reporting and dashboards


Generate additional revenue streams using our advanced tools to streamline the EV billing process and ensure an efficient, error-free billing cycle


Manage multiple EV billing plans that cater to your business needs and easily adjust them based on peak charging times and cost of energy


Access valuable billing-oriented analytics and driver patterns data, helping you to offer new and improved plans for your customers and business partners



Integrate settlements between different parties in the ecosystem into your EV charging network offering




The eVolve is a networkable charging station designed for commercial installations which require metering, access control and driver management services. Access control is via MiFare classic compatible RFID cards and the Next Charge Smart Phone App. The stations are equipped with onboard ethernet ports and 3G modems. The stations can be connected to the customer’s network and managed using the free network and driver management software provided by Circontrol. Alternatively the stations can connected to the Charge Star network and managed by E-Station.

The eVolve is a Type 2 wall mounted station rated up to 7 kW single phase and 22 kW three phase. The eVolve is fully compatible with all pure electric and hybrid cars.

  • quality product manufactured by Circontrol in Spain.
  • designed for indoor and outdoor use.
  • single phase or three phase compatible.
  • easy installation by any qualified electrician.
  • rated to 7 kW per socket single phase and 22 kW per socket three phase.
  • start charging process only after safety verification.
  • safety cutoff. Car cannot move while connected to the station.
  • auto power shut‐off upon plug‐out detection.
  • communicates with car via pilot signal.
  • compliant with Australian and international standards.
  • robust high-impact ABS and aluminium enclosure.
  • can be wall mounted or bollard mounted.
  • fully compatible with all electric cars and hybrids.
  • comes with onboard TCP/IP networking module and GPRS/3G modem.
  • OCPP compliant.