Credit Card Payment

Charging stations with on-board EFTPOS/tap and go payment systems compatible with credit/debit cards and NFC enabled phones are the most convenient and efficient method of paying for charging sessions. EFTPOS/Tap and go payment is the most widely used and ubiquitous payment system in Australia. All electric car drivers are thoroughly familiar with tap and go.

The driver starts the charging process by presenting the card or NFC enabled phone to the card reader for identification and payment authorisation. The payment system calculates the total kWh used at the end of the charging session and debits the card used by the driver to start the charging session.

Charging session fees are transferred directly to the merchant account of the charging station provider by a payment processor such as ADVAM or NAYAX. No transaction fees are levied by the charging station network manager. The charging station network manager has no involvement in payment processing.

Contactless Payment

  • Payment via debit / credit card and NFC
  • No need to enter the PIN Code
  • Charge limit with maximum amount
  • Payment with pre authorization (gas station type)
  • Payment at each master charging station.
  • Payment by differentiated rate between AC and DC.
  • Payment without back office membership.
  • Does not require any type of mobile application
Public Charging Stations with Credit Card Payment System
Credit Card Payment: User interface at end of charging session
Payment Terminal

Credit Card Payment Systems Available in following Charging Stations




Circontrol Evolve Master

Available Now.

Circontrol eVolve Rapid DC

Available Now.

Circontrol Raption 50 DC

Available Now.

Circontrol Raption 150 DC

Available Now.

Tritium RTM 25 - 75


Available Now

ABB Terra 94-184

Available Now

Additional information on Credit Card Payment System

  • Put the Charging Station Provider in contact with ADVAM (payment solution provider) to sign the agreement and to become a Merchant.
  • ADVAM and the Customer will contact AIB to enable them to make funds directly to the existing customer bank account (no need to make a new AIB account.)
  • Merchant will get access to ADVAM Merchant Center to manage all their EV Charger contactless payments

Once the Merchant account is setup, equipment update is required. The process is as follows:

  • Send visa terminal serial number to ADVAM, in case a remote update of the terminal is required
  • Update EV Charger with Firmware and configuration needed to operate using Contactless Payment
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Maestro
  • Vpay
  • GiroCard
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Samsung Pay

Cards with  an EMV Chip required. 

User Experience: Contactless Payment in Raption 50