DC Charging Stations


Tritium’s RT50 is a compact, reliable, and robust DC fast charger capable of charging all EVs on the market. This all-in-one unit is small enough to suit your site’s configuration and maximize your parking space without the need for expensive site modifications. The RT-50 provides ample real estate on the unit to clearly display your brand.

The charger’s small footprint and its scalability enable a vast range of deployment options such as shopping centres; retail outlets; multi-storey car parks; department and convenience stores; restaurants and dining establishments; municipal and national parks; tourist attractions; sporting facilities; schools; and rest centres.

Features include:

  • Australian made award winning 50kW DC Station
  • Liquid Cooling suitable for Australian Climate
  • Free print of Corporate Branding graphics on Charging station. Graphics need to meet the requirements provided in the template provided by Tritium
  • Small Footprint
  • OCPP Compatible
  • Dual Socket (CCS1 or 2 + CHAdeMO)

Connecting things, It’s all about people.


CONNECTORSCHAdeMO and CCS (Type 1 or 2)
POWERUp to 50kW
SUPPLY INPUT380 – 480 V AC 3ø
OPERATING TEMPERATURE-35oC to 50oC (-31oF to 122oF)
STORAGE TEMPERATURE-55oC to 80oC (-67oF to 176oF)
NETWORK CONNECTION3G/4G and Gigabit Ethernet
RFIDMIFARE ISO/IEC14443A/B, ISO/IEC15693, ISO/IEC18000-3, FeliCa, NFC, EMV 2.0
WEIGHT167kg (369 lb)
ELECTRICAL PROTECTIONShort circuit; Over voltage
DIMENSIONS2000 (6’7″) (H) x 750 (2’6″) (W) x 330 (1’1″) (D) mm
FREIGHT24 units per 20’ container

Key Features:
• Smallest footprint of any EV DC fast charger on the market.
• Light yet robust construction enabling installation without the requirement for heavy equipment (such as cranes) or extensive concrete works.
• Ease and speed of installation means that benefits are realised more quickly for faster Return on Investment (ROI).
• Equipped with ISO 15118 Plug and Charge technology for hassle-free authentication and payment.
• Patented liquid-cooled technology providing the highest ingress protection rating (IP65) with sealed electronics enclosure.
• Slim and compact form with contemporary design.
• Durable and robust metal framework – IK 10 (HMI IK8) – covered by a lightweight but sturdy and vandal-resistant plastic shell.
• Tailor-made front and back decals to your design specifications to enhance your brand and enable customer loyalty.
• Front and back LED down-lights that illuminate your branding.
• Increased operating temperature range (-350C/-310F to -500C/1220F).
• 3G/4G wireless communication.
• Effortless OCPP integration.
• 125A CCS1/CCS2 and 125A CHAdeMO connectors.
• Continuous 125A charging without the need for liquid-cooled cable.
• All-in-one unit, with reinforced isolating transformer.
• Credit card reader with several payment model options (including Cloud API).
• Extra low voltage power supply for increased user safety.
• Surge protection from lightning strikes with integrated SPDs.

• Intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) layout with clear icon displays for ease of operation.


Unique Benefits:
• World’s smallest footprint.
• Short enough to fit in a multi-story car park – 2,000mm (6’7”) (H).
• Small enough to fit into existing sites – 750mm (2’6”) (W) x 330mm (1”1”) (D).
• 165kg (364lb) (weight) allows reduced set-up costs and faster installation times.
• Cutting-edge technology engineered for reliability and a wide range of grid voltages – 400V 50Hz, 480V 60Hz.
• Optimal functionality in a wide range of environmental conditions.
• Increased site location options boosting car park potential.
• Reduced wear and tear on internal components for maximum hardware lifespan with minimum maintenance.
• Effortless pay and connect – first time, every time.