AC Charging Stations

eVolve Smart Wallbox: Master-Slave

The Master-Slave eVolve Smart Wallbox has the same exterior design concept as the acclaimed eVolve Smart Bollard. It has been designed to minimise the initial investment (CAPEX) and the operating expenses (OPEX) when several chargers are required, This solution is a combination of a Master charger and a set of Slaves controlled by this Master. The whole system works as if all the chargers had smart capabilities. The Master-Slave system is designed to reduce or eliminate the cost of infrastructure upgrades when multiple charging stations are installed in a location where the power supply is limited.

The eVolve Smart Wallbox is an advanced wall-mounted charging station with an aluminum and ABS plastic enclosure. Fit for private installations such as company fleets or communities with a single administrator, and also for public access environments such as shopping centres, car parks, airports and others.

The station is fitted with two Type 2 sockets OR two Type 2 tethered cables. It has twin onboard Type B RCDs for protection against DC leakage. This is a legal requirement.


Features include:

  • Integrated contactless payment system ( Credit Card Payment System).
  • The Master charger is capable of balancing the available power based on the number of charge points in use.
  • A single modem in the Master unit can be used for remote connection and back-office system integration
  • The Master can operate up to 8 Slaves (max. 18 charging points including the Master) managing the load and user authentication.
  • 8’’ daylight readable touchscreen to provide clear charging instructions (e.g.incorrect EV shift position to start the charge) and operating status (e.g. reserved chargepoint) in multiple language.
  • One charging station serves two cars simultaneously
  • Available in Single Phase (7kw) & Three Phase (22kw)
  • Designed to be accessible by the disabled, complying with international standards regarding the height of connectors

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The output of kW can be dialled down via a software configuration change if the power supply is inadequate for the rating of the station. The output of kW can also be load balanced across 2 sockets.


  • Optional Type A/B internal RCDS,
  • On-board Ethernet and 4G modem for networking,
  • IP54/IK10 Rating and,
  • Large enclosure for optional RCDs.


The charger’s housing, aluminum and ABS plastic have been combined in a robust structural design that provides protection to both mechanical stress and severe environmental conditions, increasing the charger lifespan and avoiding its replacement in just a few years.